Sandbox Data

Notice: The sandbox user accounts, data, and data generation processes were updated on 2020-04-27. For additional information, please refer to the details below.


A sandbox environment containing simulated CGM data is available for all Registered Developers to test their applications. The data in the sandbox emulates real Dexcom data, and all of the endpoints available in the production environment are also available in the sandbox environment.


In order to target the sandbox environment, use as the base URL for requests. Because all requests require user authentication through OAuth 2.0, you will need to go through the process detailed in the Authentication section to access user data in the sandbox. A special login screen is presented during Step Two of the process, however, and no password will be required.

The sandbox environment is intended as a resource to enable new developers to start working with the Dexcom API immediately. With these simulated users, you can get up and running without requiring access to or authorization from a live Dexcom user account. This can help with understanding how to request, process, store, and use data; developing a user experience around the account connection flow; building and iterating on UI elements that utilize CGM data; and many other product development tasks.

There are some limitations to how this sandbox data can be used, however. It is not guaranteed to be identical to production data (see below for some known differences) and does not cover all possible states and edge cases. It is also not guaranteed to be permanent, and the users and data may be updated or removed in the future. As such, this data should not be used for formal testing or validation, nor for training algorithms.

Data Description

Below are some details on the data available for these users:

  • Glucose, event, and calibration data repeats every sensor session (7 or 10 days, depending on the product generation)
  • Calibrations exist only for G4 and G5 sandbox users; with G6, calibration is optional, so you may or may not see calibration data for users in production
  • Insulin and carb events have been populated for all users
  • Phone data uploads “continuously”—that is, according to standard G5 and G6 mobile app upload schedules
  • Receiver data uploads once per sensor session, at the end of the session
  • There are instances of backfill, signal loss, and other non-nominal states
  • Given the prevalence of the system, two simulated G6 Mobile App users are provided for data variety

While we aspire to make the simulated data as close to production data as possible, there are some differences to be aware of when using the sandbox.

  • As mentioned above, the authorization flow is slightly different, with a drop-down menu instead of a username and password login.
  • If you go through the connection a second time with the same sandbox user, you will be presented with the HIPAA consent page again—something that is normally skipped for already-consented users in production.
  • Since there is no access to account management for the sandbox users, you cannot revoke consent as a production user could
  • The authorization code sent back with the redirect URI is static for each sandbox user, which is not the case in production
  • The sandbox users do not experience time zone changes


The following simulated users can be accessed in the sandbox environment. The date range of available data is different for each user; use the /dataRange endpoint to determine what each sandbox user account has.



Data Description


G4 with Share Receiver


G5 Touchscreen Receiver


G5 Mobile App


G6 Touchscreen Receiver


G6 Mobile App


G6 Mobile App