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Building an application using the power of Dexcom CGM data has never been easier!

developer.dexcom is the one-stop shop for learning about, registering to use, and getting help with the Dexcom API. Developers can leverage this platform to create novel applications with Dexcom CGM data, including estimated glucose values, events, statistics, and more. The Dexcom API is RESTful and utilizes the OAuth 2.0 standard for authentication, allowing individuals to securely authorize their Dexcom CGM data for use in third party applications.

For Dexcom users, the Dexcom API enables the creation of an app ecosystem, thereby supporting choice in diabetes management. Data produced by a Dexcom CGM is an invaluable tool for people with diabetes and their care teams, and third-party applications can help users benefit from this resource in entirely new ways. Take a look at the Gallery to see some examples of third-party applications using the Dexcom API. Of course, privacy is paramount at Dexcom, and granting access to user data is voluntary; users own their data and can revoke access at any time.

Have an idea for an innovative app? Think that Dexcom CGM data would fit well in your existing app? Head over to the Getting Started section.

As you dive into the documentation and start developing your amazing app, please take a moment to send us your feedback along the way. The developer portal should be both a resource and a catalyst to help you turn your ideas into great products. We want to hear from you about the documentation, the registration process, the available endpoints, and every other part of the experience. Please let us know what's good, what's not so good, what works, and what doesn't in the Support Requests section.

Further Reading

Please note that this documentation assumes some familiarity with Dexcom's products. For more information on how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) works, take a look at our introduction.

This documentation also assumes some familiarity with using RESTful web APIs. There are numerous external resources available for learning about RESTful APIs and tutorials showing you how to use them in your applications. A few notable resources are:

If you're a user of Dexcom's products and want to see your data in the cloud, do retrospective analysis, or even download your data as a CSV, check out Dexcom CLARITY®. CLARITY® is a great tool to view trends, statistics, and day-by-day data, as well as email them to your healthcare professional, all from the Dexcom CLARITY® webpage.