Welcome to developer.dexcom!

Sep 19, 2017

At Dexcom, our mission is to empower people to take control of diabetes. We accomplish this by offering continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products and tools that give people with diabetes, their loved ones, and their care teams the insights to track and manage their diabetes successfully. Continuous glucose monitoring provides a complete picture of glucose, showing you where it is going and how fast it’s getting there. We believe that the data generated by these devices can be even more powerful when it is tailored to the specific needs of users; that's why we're releasing the Dexcom API.

Dexcom Data in the Cloud

The Dexcom API enables the development of innovative apps and software products that amplify the value and utility of Dexcom CGM. We understand that choice in diabetes management—beyond just the devices—is important, and we believe that an ecosystem of apps can complement our own product offerings. The Dexcom API provides programmatic, patient-authorized access to retrospective user data. While the majority of this data is already available to view and download through Dexcom CLARITY®, the API now extends the reach of the data into new territory. We believe that opening our data platform to more developers will help foster an ecosystem of diverse apps, thereby empowering people living with diabetes to take control in the way that fits them best. Imagine combining CGM data with exercise, sleep, and nutrition statistics or making customized visualizations that display insights in ways that you and your care team best understand.

Just publishing an API isn't enough, however; to make it truly useful, it must be accompanied by a suite of supporting tools. This includes clear documentation, a sandbox data environment for prototyping, and consistent support and feedback channels. And that's why we've built developer.dexcom—the one-stop shop for learning about and getting help with the Dexcom API. We aren't looking for just the most advanced devs here, either—you don't have to be an expert in coding or continuous glucose monitoring, but some familiarity with both is a plus. Part of the reason for opening up the the Dexcom API to the public is to encourage those who have great ideas but need some guidance and support to get rolling.

So if you haven't already, check out the Getting Started section and jump in!