Frequently Asked Questions

Can apps made with the Dexcom API access my CGM data without consent?

The Dexcom API enables developers to connect their apps with Dexcom CGM data, but it does not automatically grant these apps access to Dexcom user data. Within an app, developers implement a mechanism for users to connect their Dexcom account to the app, which requires user authentication and HIPAA authorization (via OAuth 2.0) for data access to occur.

Data privacy is paramount, and use of third-party applications by Dexcom users is opt-in. Users can revoke their authorization at any time at by signing in to their account and changing their authorizations in Permissions. Dexcom will promptly terminate providing further personal information to the client application, but any information previously provided will not be affected by this revocation.

For more information, see the Scopes & Access and Authentication sections. 

Can apps get real-time estimated glucose values (EGVs) with the Dexcom API?

Currently, the Dexcom API offers EGV data on a three-hour delay. The Dexcom API is intended for software developers to retrieve retrospective CGM data and CGM-derived metrics for use in software applications. Real-time treatment decisions should not be made based on the data displayed to the end user, and the delay helps clarify this. Dexcom settled on the three-hour delay after consultation with FDA.

Is access to EGV data through Apple HealthKit still supported?

Yes. The Dexcom G6 Mobile, Dexcom G5 Mobile, and Dexcom Share2 apps can still push data into Apple HealthKit on supported iOS devices. This functionality is authorized and enabled by the user in-app. For more information on accessing HealthKit data, see the Apple Developer Documentation.

Is the Dexcom API available outside the US?

Currently, applications created on developer.dexcom can only access data for Dexcom users in the United States. Dexcom is supporting users in other applicable countries and regions on a limited commercial basis. The Dexcom API will be more broadly available after working with appropriate authorities to ensure compliance with privacy and security requirements of each country or region. We will continue to update the developer portal and the Dexcom API as we extend its capabilities internationally.

Where can I learn more about Dexcom CGM products?

For an introductory explanation on how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) works, take a look at our introduction.

The Dexcom product page has detailed information on our current product offerings. The manuals for each of Dexcom's products are available on the product guides page.

If you have technical questions about Dexcom products, please see the Dexcom contact page.

If you're a user of Dexcom's products and want to see your data in the cloud, do retrospective analysis, or even download your data as a CSV, check out Dexcom CLARITY®. CLARITY® is a great tool to view trends, statistics, and day-by-day data, as well as email them to your healthcare professional, all from the Dexcom CLARITY® webpage.

Where can I learn more about using APIs?

There are numerous external resources available for learning about RESTful web APIs and tutorials showing you how to use them in your applications. A few notable resources are:

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