The Dexcom API calculates specified metrics from Dexcom CGM data.  The Dexcom API provides a means for software developers to access retrospective CGM data and CGM-derived metrics for use in software applications. 


Product Name: Dexcom API

UDI / Device Identifier: 00386270000668

UDI / Production Identifier:

Version: v3.1.1.0

Date of Manufacture (DOM): 2022-07-27

Part Number (PN): 350-0019

The Dexcom API is developed under Dexcom’s quality management system. For more information about the independent verification of Dexcom’s compliance controls, please see Dexcom's FDA Registration and Listing entry.


Dexcom, Inc.
6340 Sequence Drive
San Diego, CA USA 92121


Outside US
Contact your local Dexcom representative

EU Importer
Dexcom Lithuania
Business Center ‘Business Stadium North’ Šeimyniškių str. 19, Vilnius


Schiffgraben 41
30175 Hannover, German

Swiss Authorized Representative 
Laurenzenvorstadt 61
5000 Aarau

Swiss Importer
Dexcom International Limited, Nicosia, Zweigniederlassung Horw 
Allmendstrasse 18
6048 Horw


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